Maira Snow

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Brief Lore.

Ice magic was discovered in 1814 by the ambitious Maira En Orinaru Tandara, whose namesake would be passed to many elite female ice mages over the years. Tandara went on to found the Icen States, and sought for the first generation of ice mages and all that followed to embrace the great qualities of ice -- noble, pure, and beautiful yet cold and hard-hearted in its conquest. Throughout the years ice mages became incredibly successful warriors and conquerors, dominating mages of rival elements whenever a magical Waxing occured, as ice magic was both sturdy and flexible. Ice mages wielded divination that peered into the future, blizzards that covered the world with snow, and walls that were unbreakable and unburnable.

One year, winter prophecies foresaw the birth of Maira Snow, an ice mage in the far future that would supposedly bring an era of peace to the world. Mages of all elements laughed at this prophecy, for they all knew ice mages were nothing but cold warriors. And indeed, the Icen States continued to be warriors, even when they were outnumbered by alliances and crushed by conspiracies.

Maira Snow was born on January 18th, 2010, a time when the Icen States had been reduced to their capital city due to the meddling of the mad sorceress Lorine. Second child of the elite ice mages Amilia and Tareas Snow, she displayed a prodigious control over ice magic, but her brother Caenus was more ambitious and eager to be a warrior. While people looked up to her as a savior of the city, Maira seemed dreamy and absent-minded and felt out of place.

The people grew more and more restless. With the exceptions of the noble elite, most of the people had been drained of their ice magic from the recent incident of 2005, and the Icen people did not know much other than war. While some nobles worked as hard as they could to restore the use of ice magic, many left the once mighty nation to become mercenaries and to escape a possible revolution. In October 2021, the people revolted, and Icen City fell into chaos.

Maira's story begins here. Look for "The Legend of Shade" in bookstores to read more.

About Maira

Being an elite ice mage, Maira is petite and slender and she yields a youthful-looking face. Unless they decide to undergo the ritual to procreate, elite ice mages experience odd growth, which often stops at mid-puberty, and long lifespans due to their cold bodies slowing down unnecessary cell reproduction. Maira's skin is as cold and pale as snow, matching her hair, and she carries her family lineage of radiant purple eyes. Many who come across here also speak of her lovely eyelashes.

In her childhood, Maira showed immense subconscious particle control, and had the power to deflect bullet-sized objects. As she grew, this developed into a certain mastery of ice magic, allowing her to bombard her foes with a series of ice bullets and to slide across the ground with agility. One of her signature moves is the legendary Icen Sabotage, a technique thought to have been sealed away over a century ago. Icen Sabotage allows the caster to cover the wall or ground in ice, or even create flat surfaces, and then sink into the smooth ice, granting the caster immense mobility for a short duration.

Due to her noble lineage, Maira is also resistant to frost and can draw energy simply from standing in the cold. She also inherits a resistance to diseases of dark magic that originated generations past when ice and dark mages were allied, and a resistance to psionic magic due to unconventional thought patterns.

Personality-wise, Maira captures trademarks of the Myers-Briggs category INFP (Introverted/INtuitive/Feeling/Perceiving): Due to this, she can get seriously depressed and isolate herself from the world, but it also allows her to retain faith (in humanity and her partner) in the worst of situations. While others often see her as a Mary Sue deep down she is quite clumsy and awkward.

Updated 2/2018